What is the structure of energy consumption by sector in the EU and in Poland?

The energy consumption in the European Union (EU) is broken down into several sectors. Here are the main sectors and their shares in percent, based on the latest available data (2019) from Eurostat:

  • Transport: 32.5%
  • Industry: 25.5%
  • Buildings: 23.5%
  • Services: 15.5%
  • Agriculture: 2.5%
  • Non-energy use: 0.5%

It is worth noting that the shares may vary between EU member states, as some countries may have a different energy mix or structure of their economy. Additionally, the shares may have changed since the release of the latest available data.

According to the latest available data from Eurostat (2019), here are the main sectors of energy consumption in Poland and their shares in percent:

  • Industry: 37.8%
  • Buildings: 28.9%
  • Transport: 24.8%
  • Services: 6.2%
  • Agriculture: 2.0%
  • Non-energy use: 0.4%

It is worth noting that the shares may vary between years and that there may be some differences in the sectoral shares of energy consumption depending on the source of data.

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