What is the energy consumption in buildings in the largest European countries.

Comparing energy consumption in buildings by country in the EU is complex, as the figures can depend on several factors such as climate, building stock, and energy mix. However, based on the latest available data (2019) from Eurostat, here are the primary energy consumption figures in buildings for some selected EU member states:

  • Germany: 1,142 ktoe
  • France: 650 ktoe
  • Italy: 561 ktoe
  • Spain: 494 ktoe
  • United Kingdom: 415 ktoe
  • Poland: 368 ktoe
  • Netherlands: 296 ktoe
  • Sweden: 229 ktoe
  • Belgium: 210 ktoe
  • Austria: 170 ktoe

It is important to note that the figures above may not be fully comparable as the data may come from different sources, and some countries may include different types of buildings in their calculations. Also, it is worth noting that some countries have larger building stocks than others and may experience different climates, which can affect the amount of energy used in buildings.

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